Company Retreat in the
Blue Ridge Mountains

A business-friendly company retreat and conference center that enables team members to reengage while also driving results.

re-focus, re-charge, re-imagine

Our Mission

Our mission is to support your company’s efforts of providing balance and well-being for hard-working professionals who need to “get away,” oftentimes re-focus, re-charge, and re-imagine the possibilities for the future.

GAFIAAR company retreat and conference center is not a place to escape realty…it is a place to escape TO reality…and find balance between work and life.

Working on the simple things

Mental and physical well-being should be a top priority for all of us!  We provide a business-friendly environment that enables corporate groups to get their work done – while being able to breathe and enjoy some of the simple things in life (like nature, fresh air, great coffee, and good company).

natural light. fresh air. coffee.

 inside and outside spaces

Show people the light…literally.

Research shows the number one office perk employees want is natural light. We have plenty to share in our nearly 4,000 square ft conference center – and 150+ acres of breathing room nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Supporting your efforts in addressing employee retention and burn-out