Our Team



For over a decade, Jonny has led sales teams across the country – with a specific focus on restoring and/or building new territories, driving new products and services, and improving overall business operations.

Jonny’s expertise includes Go-To-Market strategy development and business ideation, partnerships and alliances, employee wellness and productivity, and sales execution. As a trained professional coach, vision and values are always at the forefront of every conversation.

In addition to driving multi-million-dollar portfolio’s – he has lead training and enablement efforts for hundreds of sales people across all 50 states and parts of Europe. Jonny has served in several different roles with responsibilities including but not limited to: setting and driving forecast for sales teams, creating and executing market/territory/account strategy, coaching/teaching relationship management strategies, training groups best practices for organizational excellence, vision planning/goal setting, etc.

marketing manager & fitness guru


As a former classroom teacher with over 10 years of experience, Katie is a trained fitness instructor with a passion for healthy living. Katie will work with your team to design custom fitness activities ranging from morning yoga sessions to sunset trail jogging!

We want to provide a venue for hard working professionals to get away and relax!

My Story

At points in my career, I was working 60-70 hours per week. There were times where the travel and stress caused anxiety, extreme fatigue, challenges sleeping, and chronic neck pain.

As I eventually grew aware of the effect my job was having on me, I learned to cope and better prioritize mental and physical health. I also made purposeful decisions to make changes – which included taking on a position in my company with more flexibility and autonomy to work from home. I have spoken with hundreds of colleagues, clients, friends, and family – and learned that my situation and experience dealing with work-related health problems is unfortunately not unique. It is a well-known problem in the U.S.

As the ideation for GAFIAAR developed throughout the past few years, another curveball got tossed into the mix: COVID-19. Many of us were forced to stay put, work from home, and spend more time behind the computer than perhaps ever before! It is not human nature to be completely isolated, and hopefully we can now all find creative ways of getting together with our fellow co-workers…in a stress free, relaxing environment.

I share this story because at GAFIAAR we believe we can create an environment and an organization that can help alleviate some of the issues mentioned above…and bring people together once again. We are so excited to host you and look forward to meeting you soon!

Located in the heart of Virginia’s wine country, the historical property built in the 1790’s is just 30 minutes from downtown Charlottesville and 10 miles from the airport.